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STL File Problems (solidworks/openscad)

Question asked by John Lim on May 12, 2014
Latest reply on May 13, 2014 by Kelvin Lamport

I'm currently getting a number of parts 3D printed, modifying STL files I found. Because I've had plenty of experience using Solidworks, I used it to modify the original files. However, importing it as a solid body to the program scaled the model up so part was metres long instead of millimetres long. After modifying it, I exported the part files as STL files and imported them back into Solidworks again as a part file. I had to do this because scaling them down produced errors and some faces disappeared or lines sprawled over the part. I then scaled them down and exported them again as STL files.


When the files were sent off to be 3D printed by another person, they said that the files were either locked or not in a standard .stl format. And also the components were oriented wrong and were trying to print in 'thin air'. I opened them using OpenSCAD (an open source CAD program) and turns out the program opened the files, but could not display it.


The main issue here is trying to get these files to be print ready. Are there any tips that anyone can offer? I'm unsure if the file is even print ready as I have no 3D printer to test it out and this is my first time attempting to 3D print.


I've attached 2 files: Z-AXIS-TOP-RIGHT-V2 is the original STL file, and Z Axis Top Right is the same part modified in Solidworks and oriented properly. Using OpenSCAD, the 1st file opens and displays without fault but the 2nd file opens but does not display.


Thanks in advance!