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Weldment profile description not propagating to cut list

Question asked by Richard K. on May 11, 2014
Latest reply on May 11, 2014 by Richard K.

Can anyone tell me why my Description custom value is not proagating to cut lists for the attached weldment profiles?


Note this started as several separate SLDLFP files, one for each size of lumber.  Then I read about the new-fangled "Configured" weldment profiles introduced in Solidworks 2014, and refactored it to be a single SLDLFP file with a Design Table.


I have both the "Description" custom property set for the file, as well as the $DESCRIPTION column set in my DT.


I'm sure I tested this after the refactor and it worked (though I can't remember if it was feeding from the custom property or the DT column).  I might have made *minor* edits to the SLDLFP file since, but can't recall anything that I would expect to affect this.


I do remember this whole thing being really finicky to get working in the first place...


Please, help!