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convert 2d sketch to 3d?

Question asked by Jordan Schroeder on May 12, 2014
Latest reply on May 12, 2014 by Christopher Estelow

Hi all.  I have been told there is not a good program that effectively copies different 2d drawing views and can convert it to 3d, but is there a way that I could copy a draftsight sketch into a solidworks sketch?  This would still be very helpful.  For example, I am putting 2D parts into solidworks that I have the drawings for.  The parts are very oddly shaped on one face.  Once I sketch in the complicated shapes I just extruded them a set distance (19mm for example).   If there was a way to at least copy one 2d sketch view into solidworks I could save a lot of time.  Copy and paste does not seem to actually be an option.


I've tried opening the DWGs in solidworks and converting them to solidworks sketches, but it doesn't seem to work right.  The sketches don't make relations when I dimension them like in a standard solidworks drawing.