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    Deleting tangent edges in 2014

    Sid Humphreys

      Morning all,


      I know I have asked this before, but I was kind of hoping in 2014 there might be a better way.


      I work almost exclusively with plastic parts hence alot of tangent edges to be deleted to make a clear dwg.  I know that I can pick the view and say hide or show tangent edges.  If I say hide tangent edges SW takes all the tangent edges and half the object lines as well leaving me with a worse view than with what I started.  So what I have to do is individually pick every little tangent edge.  Basically sculpt/draw the view.  Needless to say this takes a very long time.  Is there a way to use a box pick as inside the box or intersecting the box to pick elements I want to hide?


      Thank you all.