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    Dustin Stancato



      I am looking to take assemblys and make animated clips of them.

      I have big conveyor and packaging equipment with alot of moving parts. does anyone know the best program and way to do this in?


      is composer an option?


      Thank you

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          Deepak Gupta

          You should be able to do this in SW in small clips and then combine them together using windows movie maker OR similar other tools.


          SW Composer would be definitely a plus as you can do more stuff in that.

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            Kelef Man

            hei'ya Dustin, might take a look at

            "luxology modo", it works for me-

            just a thought for comparison


            have a good'n- kelef


            PS I have no affiliation or connection to the company

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              Kevin Stamp

              Hi Dustin,

              To me, MechDesigner from www.psmotion.com is by the far best motion design and study software, with simulations at animation speeds, with inverse or forward kinematics, cam design (flat and Barrel Cams and even globoidal cams) with meshing gears, force analysis of any points or motor torques or linaer forces, springs forces, and a number of tools intent on helping you design machines with a large number of mechansims and motion axes. It is from the beginning a motion, mechanism and machine design, analysis and simulation tool for packaging, textile and assembly type machines, with most of the tools needed.  It uses closed form solutions for extremely fast simulations, that you can even edit on the fly - so no 'solve' button - just 'run now'. It integrates with SolidWorks as a SolidWorks Partner status.