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    SelectByID2 not selecting origin

    Robert Owens









      I am trying to traverse the feature tree to measure the X,Y,Z distance between each component reference geometry feature and that component's origin.


      swFeature->Select2(false, 0, &result); // CComPtr<IFeature> object to select current feature in traversal

      swDocExtension->SelectByID2(L"Point1@Origin@<comp1>@>assembly>", L"EXTSKETCHPOINT", 0, 0, 0, false, 0, NULL, &result);


      Line 2 returns 0 every time and I am not sure why. If I manually launch the measure tool and select the origin I want it returns the path/name I specified above. If I run the macro recorder and select the origin it returns the same code as line 2 as well.


      Also, I am calling swModel->ClearSelection2() after every 2 selections, but it isn't erasing the selections. This works in a different function of mine so I'm not sure why...


      I am getting IModelDoc2 by calling swIComponent2->IGetModel2(&swModel) ... is this an issue?