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inserting part with unknown configuration to assembly

Question asked by Jozef Vasko on May 8, 2014
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I have a problem with inserting part/component to assembly.

I have created one part which has no specified atributes (no width, height) and when I insert it to assembly and matte it with another part hole (on left side) its work perfectly, but when I need to add another this part and place it to another hole (on right side) with other dimensions, its impossible.. this second part is fully defined and I cant change his width and height. I need to add 2 (sometimes more) same parts and everyone has specified width and height according to hole where I want to add it. Configurations are no very well because part has no specified dimensions. Dimensions may be different, and I thing creating thousands of combinations width x height is not best solution. And I thing, that creating another part for this second hole is also no best solution.