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Setting up viewers and file compare in EPDM settings

Question asked by Jeff Thomas on May 8, 2014
Latest reply on May 9, 2014 by Jim Sculley

After reading the extensive help file on setting up and configuring File Compare and Viewers in EPDM settings I am turning to the forum for help. Should have done this in the first place. I searched the knowledge base and the forums for file compare and did not see much. Does anybody use these functions?


When I attempt to setup the File Compare functionality there are some vague hints at what needs to be done.


1. Do the extension callouts go between the brackets as shown or do I remove the brackets?


2. Where the heck do I put the %1% in the program path?


3. Does anyone have a list of arguements avialable for the program path?


You would think the help file would have some information on these but you would be wrong.


When it comes setting up the viewers is there a "Preffered" viewer that will display all file types?

Thanks for the help with this.