Robert Chivers

Check in Failure

Discussion created by Robert Chivers on Feb 16, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2007 by Phil Way
I'm running Solidworks 2007 with PDM Workgroup all at SP 2.1.

I'm currently setting up the lifecycle and revision control system.I basically have two status levels PRE-RELEASED and RELEASED. Whenthe user checks in a document and chooses to change the status toRELEASED, the permissions change from RW to RO and the document isonly accessible by an Document Control user.  I need to removethe users access to prevent them inadvertently checking out adocument.

It seems if I do this PDM won't check in the document as half waythrough the check in I get a VAULT ERROR message about permissionsand properties.  The only way I can work around it is to leavethe users as RW access and on check-in at RELEASED level the ownerbecomes Document Control. Thus preventing ownership and checkingout.

Any thoughts, or is it all confusing