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need a little help on making opposite hand of simple part

Question asked by Dave Krum on May 8, 2014
Latest reply on May 10, 2014 by Dave Krum

Hello All,

I need to make an opposite hand / mirror of a part and then take out the holes on the new version.  I checked the help file and it says to first select the plane for mirroring, then select "insert / mirror part" from the top menu.  I am choosing "solid bodies, absorbed sketches, and unabsorbed sketches" from the options box to create the new opposite hand version in a new file.  It appears to be created as needed in a new file, but in the "Part 10" newly created file there are no options in the tree to edit any of the old sketches.  I need to take out the holes of the new mirrored version but cannot.  I was hoping to choose the "break link to original part" thinking maybe that would now make the part independent of the parent.  I am still on SW2010.  I think on the later version there is an option for a checkbox called "create opposite" but the version I have is only SW2010.  Also tried using the "features / mirror" option but that just makes an opposite hand version within the same part and if I go to delete the original version to save just the opposite hand, it will delete everything.  I'd appreciate any help.  Thanks in advance.