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Scan to 3D tool crashing

Question asked by Marco Gigante on May 8, 2014
Latest reply on May 20, 2014 by Marco Gigante


I've got some problem using "scan to 3d" tool tring to work with quite complex STL file.


I have an organic scan (rich of details ... around 100.000 meshes) and otfen the "scan to 3D" tool make crash solidworks no matter what. Here I explain what I do step by step:


- open the mesh

- run mesh preparation wizard

- I remove noise as possible

- I simplify the surface reducing the number of meshes. My mesh has 600.000 poligons and I decreese this numer to 100.000

- I tried smoothing the surface (it doesnt change anything... it crash anyway)

- I fill holes

- I lunch surface Wizard

- I run "automatic cration" ("guided cration" can't works... too many details )

- I select the minimum surface detail and ask for preview.......than after 10 minutes of calculation solidworks crash!


I understand that big amount of detail could ask a lot of time for computation.. but didn't expected software crash.

Is that 50.000-100.000 surfaces to big for solidworks?


do exist some triks to use "Scan to 3D"?