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Changing parent/child relationships?

Question asked by Paul Montoya on May 8, 2014
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Dear Community,


I'm having an issue I'm hoping somebody could help me resolve. I'm a university student and new to SolidWorks and have been working on a personal project designing a new case for my computer. I modeled five parts (front LCD case, LCD display, divider, motherboard, and back case) and made an assembly of the five parts. While in the assembly file, I wanted to make port holes in the back casing so that all the motherboard ports would align correctly with the port holes in the back casing. So I drew some sketches on the back casing using the motherboard ports as a guide, and then used the extrude cut tool to cut holes out. However, when I went back to the back case part file, none of the holes were saved to that file. Come to find out, the holes I just created are listed as a parent of the motherboard, not the back case. Is there a way to transfer the sketches/extrude cuts I made to the back case file without losing all the dimensions and such? I have attached some pictures that might help explain.Capture.PNGCaptureII.PNG

The first image is the assembly. All the port holes are indicated by the red arrow. However, we see in the second picture (back case part) that none of the holes I produced in the assembly retain in the actual part. When I send in the parts for prototyping and manufacturing, I assume that the back casing part will need those holes. I'm not sure how to get around this short of re-sketching and extrude cutting the holes again (which would be significantly harder without the motherboard to act as a template).