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    Adding to the sheetmetal bend note format

    Randy Franklin

      I am trying to edit the bend note format file so that when I do a flat hem (.002 radius) using the hem tool the bend not on the print will say "FLAT" instead of R.002.  I have always manually changed the notation but will like to have it automated if possible.  Below is my file, I have added the line at the bottom to display if the radius is .002.  Nothing is changing, is it not possible to do this?  I also tried .00196850 instead of .002, which is the actual hem radius Solidworks figures for a flat hem to 8 decimal places.  Neither value made a difference.





      * (c)2004 Solidworks Corp.

      * Sheetmetal Bend Note Format Definition File

      * Created: September 18, 2004


      * Description:




      **      DISPLAY TYPE 1       **

      <bend-direction> <bend-angle> <bend-radius>

      **<bend-direction> <bend-complementary-angle> <bend-radius>