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Get active configuration via EPDM api?

Question asked by Pieter-Jan Dejaeghere on May 8, 2014
Latest reply on May 9, 2014 by Pieter-Jan Dejaeghere

In the data card view, EPDM shows the tab with the active configuration by default. Same in the BOM view, the active configuration is the standard selection.


For a standalone application I would like to also pre-select the name of the active configuration in my UI and use that configuration in further processing if the user doesn't change the value. I can obviously use IEDMFile5.GetConfigurations for a list of the configurations, but there doesn't seem to be something like IEDMFile5.GetActiveConfiguration.


One possible solution would be to load the file using the Document Manager API, but that's a lot of overhead.


Is there a simple way via the EPDM API to determine the active configuration of a part or assembly in the vault?