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File Size? Monster!

Question asked by Victor Jensen on May 8, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2014 by Rob Haas

We have a file that is a simple little assembly, it's file size has grown a 190MB Tumor.   It's current file size is 195MB and it takes way too long to load.  Once it loads we can do a simple save as, give it a new name, and it drops to 3.5MB and loads like a tiny little file should. 195MB is 57 Times as big as it's Saved As version.  If we simply copy it to another file location, open and then save it, then it drops to 5.1MB file size.  Which is probably the 3.5MB file with it's Doppelganger Shadow File in tow, like it should be. I just want to know how and why solidworks Hindenberged this Balloon Animal of a file to 57 times it's normal size. How I can stop this Work Stopping File Corruption.  What sent up the red flags on this is it's parent file was loading very slowly so we looked at the ram being used...10GB GASP! Then we looked at it's file size...600MB another GASP!...then we drilled down through it's sub assemblies and this little tiny assembly was 200MB.  We already knew about the Save As rename trick to drop file size, and this promptly shrunk it to 3.5MB.   We also did a save as on all the other sub assemblies and the parent and it is now 49MB as opposed to it's pre-Save As'd 600MB And new we can once again resume working.   Do we need to make sure to Save As and Rename our files every so often? or is there a deflate file size check box somewhere?  How do we solve this egregious file size problem? Because having all our 3.5MB sized files inflating to 195MB is just not workable.