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    Caterpillar disappears in HLR and HLV but shows in other display styles

    Jamil Snead

      I am trying to put caterpillars on a drawing to show where the weld beads need to start and end. If I place a caterpillar on an edge and leave it Full Length then it gets created just fine. But if I switch it to Partial Length and bring in both ends a little bit, the caterpillar disappears. If I switch to Wireframe or Shaded With Edges or Shaded then the caterpillar is displayed correctly. But if I switch back to Hidden Lines Removed or Hidden Lines Visible then it disappears again.


      Any solution? And please don't tell me not to use caterpillars because the welders should know how to read a weld symbol. Firstly I don't know how to do a weld symbols where you specify the distance from the edges of the seam rather than the actual length of the weld. And secondly, I don't have the authority to fire all our welders and hire new ones. I'm just the mechanical engineer.


      Thanks in advance.