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Configuration Publisher in SW 2014 Toolbox

Question asked by Joe Miller on May 7, 2014

I'm wondering if anyone else has run into this issue with SW 2014 SP3. I have several wire sizes that I have set up in configured part files using Config Publisher in SW 2013. Each one prompts the user for a length, then a part number & description can be selected from a list. This all worked fine in SW2013. Since upgrading to SW 2014, if I try to bring in one of those wires into an assembly from Toolbox, it no longer asks for the length, just the part number and description, which are chosen from a list. The real funny thing is, if I use Insert Component and browse to the part files contained within Solidworks Data\Browser ..., which as I understand it is the exact same file used in Toolbox, I'm then prompted for the length, part number and description correctly. It appears that Toolbox is interfering somehow. Any clues on this one would be greatly appreciated.