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    Import from Luxology modo 701

    Joe Tandle


      I have a client that is a freelancer. He is using Luxology modo 701. I am on SolidWorks 2014.

      What is the best file for him to export to me so I can dimension off his 3-D models?

      Thanks in advance.


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          Chris Dordoni

          I believe an issue with this could be the large number of surfaces in the file. Modo is a polygonal modeler, and will only be able to export a triangulated file, (unless your client has the Power Subd Nurbs plugin for Modo which can convert the polys to nurbs and save IGS, SAT or STP formats).


          You would have to bring it in as an STL or WRL. If there are more than 15,000 - 20,000 triangles, you will have to use the "graphics body" option, and then you won't be able to dimension it because it won't show up in a drawing.


          If that's the case, you could make a 2d sketch with the graphics body loaded and actually draw lines or points that represent the dimensions you want to show, so you can use the dimensioning tool in the sketch. Note you can't snap the dimensioning to the graphics body which is why you have to draw some lines or points in the sketch for reference. Then you would have to make screenshots with the sketch open to show the dimension.




          You could try TurboCAD, which will load meshes. AutoCAD might work, but I don't recall if it can load meshes.

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              Joe Tandle


              Thanks for that info.

              I am downloading a dxf file of the assembly. It is large and taking a long time, but keeps moving forward. I am letting it run all day so when I get home tonight I hope it will be completely loaded. He did send a STL file but I could not measure off of it nor could I bring it into a drawing.

              Not familiar with WRL, I will see if he can do that.

              I know he does not have Power Subd Nurbs, I guess that costs about $500 / $600 .

              I only have solidworks on my computer, so those options are out for me.


              If you think of anything else, let me know.