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Nonlinear (static) Thermal Stress Analysis

Question asked by Alex Waldauer on May 7, 2014
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I am trying to perform a nonlinear (static) thermal stress analysis on a four body part. I have tried suppressing all but one of the bodies and still get the same error. The one body not suppressed is Von Mises Plastic model. All material properties (including the stress-strain curve) have been filled in. I have applied a fixed geometry to one corner of the body (which is a simple rectangular prism). I have set the zero-strain temperature in the study properties to 180 degC. Then I applied a temperature of -55 degC to the body. I can either turn off the time dependency, or leave it on as the default, there is no difference. All other settings are default. I get the following error:


Solution faiure in the First Step may be due to:

1. Lack of adequate fixtures for one or more parts

2. Material properties may not be properly defined.

3. Load Increment may be too large or too small. (too mall displacements -> convergence failure)


Anyone know what is going on?