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Question asked by Alex Ramsay on May 7, 2014
Latest reply on May 7, 2014 by Alex Ramsay

Hello all,


I recently upgraded from SW2013 to 2014. When inserting a cosmetic thread into a hole feature or onto a shaft, the line that appears to indicate a thread seems to have changed, in both 3D parts and drawings. I am used to a dotted circular line appearing in both instances, however now a solid circular line appears in parts, and a 3/4 circle in drawings (although I am aware this is the traditional convention of denoting threads in drawings).


This makes viewing 3D parts particularly confusing as a solid circular line usually indicate the base of a hole or extrusion - now with every threaded hole it looks like there are two holes together. I have attached a screenshot to demonstrate.


Is there something that I can do to restore this? I am unsure if I have changed something or whether this is a change brought about by the new software.


Help would be much appreciated.




Cosmetic threads on parts made before SW2014



Cosmetic threads on parts made after SW2014