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    Stress analysis of a boomhead, Convergence issues

    Harmen Bakker

      For my studies i am doing a stress analysis of a windsurfing boomhead.

      I have modelled the boomhead, the boomarms and the support for the boom.


      The boom is supported at the back by a balljoint and has a load on one side of the boomarms.

      The boomhead is connected to the boomarms and is has a fixed geometry fixture where it would connect with the mast in real life.

      To reduce solving time i made the boomarms rigid. To get an accurate contact between the rigid boomarms and the boomhead i modeled a thin layer in between them.


      I am only looking for the maximum stress in the boomhead.

      My results are not converging and i have no clue why this is....


      Any tips/help is higly appriciated!