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Embed/Display modelview inside a control tab

Question asked by Marcin Pilat on May 6, 2014
Latest reply on May 8, 2014 by Marcin Pilat

We have the following situation. We create a new control tab using the DisplayWindowFromHandle functionality. This API method "displays a .net control in this model view". One of the parameters to the method is whether to split the window. Giving false will create our control to span the whole view area. The question is, how can we embed/display the current model view inside that view area? Any suggestions are much appreciated. Embedding would be best since it would be good to preserve the same look and feel of the model view tab in our control tab (with additional things drawn on top for example). New Window functionality is not acceptable since that will create a new window, not a new tab. If this is not possible using the DisplayWindowFromHandle method, can can something like this be done? The functionality we want is best represented using the Simulation Addin's study tabs.