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    Help Understanding Pressure Potential Checkbox

    James Lupinek

      Good Afternoon,


      Working on convection problems and we are still fine tuning our calculations. I have a question about General Settings > Initial Conditions > Thermodynamic Parameters.


      I have a shell around my enclosure and the computational domain around that. I have environmental pressure set on the 4 internal sides of the shell around the enclosure and the ceiling. I have no boundary condition on the floor as I want it to be treated as a real floor. If I am doing a convection of air going in and out of my enclosure that has a heat source inside. Where I want to see the hot air rise out of the cabinet. Would I want the Pressure Potential box checked or unchecked? This would help a lot. If I want to run it both ways and compare, It will take 52 hours in calculation time.


      I have already read the definitions and descriptions in the solidworks online user guide, but I am having trouble understanding them.