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    Sensor Distribution

    Kelly Chandler


      We're looking to have a set of sensors placed in some regular way (along a line on the exterior of the non-cylindrical crankshaft pictured).  Is there an easy way to do this without just picking points one by one?  We're looking to plot the stress along the axis on the exterior in an XY plot.

      Thanks in advance.crankshaft.jpg

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          Jeff Hamilton

          You have to go into the part and creat a split line for each of the faces you want to analyse. (You may need to redefine your loads because it's on two faces now rather than one.) Then after the analysis has run, go to probe and add a probe along the selected entity of the split line. This will create a series of node referernces along the split line. Highlight each position and select to save as a sensor. This will save all of those locations as one sensor. Then when you switch studies you can probe using the sensor and it will bring up the saved list of points which can then be graphed.