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    Easy modification for sprocket?

    Steve Muhlhauser

      Here's my dilema and I'm not seeing an easy solution and I'm a newb to formulas, there's already a sprocket file I  rountinely use but I need a sprocket to have 80-90 teeth the one file I have now is 20tis there a formula I can do on this design (attatched below) to make the diameter bigger as I chain the number of teeth?

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          Jerry Steiger



          I didn't open your file (probably can't as I am still running SW2010) and I do not design products with chains or sprockets, so take my advice with a grain of salt.


          You should be able to just scale up your sprocket diameter by the ratio of the number of teeth. You might need to make minor modifications, as a chain is not quite the same as a belt. It wraps around the sprocket as a polygon, not on a diameter. Going from 20 to 90 teeth, I doubt that it will make any significant difference, but see the first line of my reply.


          Jerry S.

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            Jim Pazen

            I can't help you, but in the Bad Old days I had LISP routines that wouold do this in AutoCad. I bet someone here has a macro or a design table for this...


            Good luck...