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rebuilding model after setting offset

Question asked by Arnel Ugljesa on May 6, 2014

Hi Guys,


i am new to this community and i was looking for an answer to my question but was not successful finding it yet.


The point bothering me is that i have a footprint of a electrical layout, which i have to recreate everytime i change some offset of any component on it.


Now my question, is there any possibility of setting offsets of any component on a board i am creating by the footprints i am getting without having to create the whole model of the board again.

Something like recreating only one componen (the one i am changing the offstes of) in order to not have to wait all over again until the model is created again only to have the offsets of one component changed.


Anything like applying changes to the model especially of the component i want to change the offsets of without having to recreate the whole model again...


Some serious help would be great!


Thanks in advance