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    How to get probe graphs into reports?

    Tad Finkler

      I'm doing transient thermal analysis, and the main results that I care about are best shown as a transient plot of probe points (or sensors). But to make them worthwhile, I'd like to be able to (1) include the resulting graph in the html report, (2) include an image in the report that shows where in the model the sensors/probes were located, and (3) export the underlying data to a .csv file (or similar) for comparison with experimental data, replotting, etc. Unfortunately, the only option I see right now is to print the graph immediately, or save a really poor, low resolution copy as an image file. Any pointers?

        • How to get probe graphs into reports?
          SolidWorks Corp
          Hi Tad, I think much of the functionality you are looking for is there in v2007. First, create a Sensor list of all the points you want to review data at. In the Probe dialog, you can review results at Sensors and when you choose the appropriate list, all the point results will be displayed. As you noted, this is a temporary display so at this stage, you'll need to save a screen shot for locations. From the Probe dialog, you can save a CSV file of this data as well.
          You might also want to explore the "Compare Test Data" option (RMB the document name at the top of the analysis tree.) This allows you to perform a more complete comparison of variance between analysis data and test data and was implemented primarily for thermocouple data correlation. There is a white paper on the SolidWorks website on this and a few webcasts done with National Instruments that describes this feature.

          Check this stuff out and let me know if we addressed your concerns or not. The Report image question is being looked at but no immediate solution.