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Templates to create common files and drawings, lost references

Question asked by Sander van de Bor on May 6, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2019 by Morris Richardson III

We are using the PDM templates to have all the common parts and drawings created automatically when we start a new project. We also like to rename the files in the folder at the time these are created as follows:

In "Edit Template Files" of the "Edit Template" of the PDM Enterprise Admin tool we use for the drawing:

  • Template Source file: TEMPLATES\template.SLDDRW
  • File name: %Number%.SLDDRW

And for the part:

  • Template Source file: TEMPLATES\template.SLDPRT
  • File name: %Number%.SLDPRT


The parts are renamed to the new generated part# (%Number%), but the drawing is still refering to TEMPLATES\template.SLDPRT. Is there an option in EPDM to automatically update the references as well when a part or drawing is renamed with the Template wizzard?