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Trouble setting variable in dispatch script

Question asked by Jake Brann on May 6, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2014 by Dominic Nelson

I am having trouble setting a dispatch variable from the datacard of the selected file. 


Right now I am trying just to set the variable and display in an OK message box.


I have been able to do this for the variable "Number" but not for "Manufacturer PN"


What are the possible reasons for this?





Here is some more information:


screenshot shows the dispatch script - right now it is simply to diagnose the issue with these variables pulling data - so it just displays the variables in an OK box.


The last attachment shows the results - you will see that several variables are not populating when the preview windows show values.


The only difference in these variables that I have found is that they are not setup to transfer into the file for titleblock populations.


I am on 2014 SP2 EPDM - and this is a Autocad dwg saved in 2010


Any ideas how to fix.




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