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    Changing planes in drawings part

    Arsalan Shahid



      I am taking a complete Basic CAD course using Solid Works. I accidently created a drawing with extrusion in the wrong plane. Is there any way I can change the top plane to the front plane? I tried edit plane and it distorted the figure..


      Attached is the file. Thank You


      P.S. I do not have too much understanding in Solid Works, if there is a simple solution, I would appreciate it.

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          Kelef Man

          hei'ya Arsalan, see the scrsht below,

          this would be the easiest-

          to rotate the body-


          rotate part.jpg

          there is the alternative of selecting each sketch, then the plane icon,

          and reselecting the other plane/surface to move the sketch,

          and correcting the failed features one by one,

          which would also be a good exercise, as the sketches seem

          to need a bit of work on their accuracy

          ah well, hope this helps- have a good'n kelef


          edt.RE: other method


          have your original open>

          select>new >part>and

          then select>window>view vertically

          this will show your new and original side by side

          you can then use drag and drop, or Ctrl+c to copy

          of what you need, you will lose the relations

          and it can be a bit harsh but you still need to correct

          the (in)accuraccies

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            Denny Peter

            Hi Arsalan


            I tried with your part, changing plane without editing other sketchs is not possible. Try what kelef suggested, or better to create a new one. Just to know,why you want to change the plane?

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              Matthew Lorono

              You mention "drawing".  Is the issue in the drawing itself, or the model?  The drawing can look at whatever orientation of the model you like.