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    Tabbed File Card - Controlled by variable problem

    Ben Zander

      I have a data card for solidworks files that I'm trying to force users to pick from a drop down box to choose a type of project, then have tabs with names the same as these project types with different control fields to fill in under that.  These different controls are all just different custom properties to be associated with the parts/assemblies, which can then be inserted into the drawing later, but are different depending on the type of project.  I created 3 tabs with the information I wanted, but then realized that if you have any default information that is checked to update all configurations, it will carry across to any other tab on the data card and overwrite the information on it.  This is when I decided I would just put a blank tab to start off which would seemingly force the user to select a type of project from the drop down.  However, whenever I add a blank tab, it then makes the entire first tab that SHOULD have information blank as well.


      Any Ideas?

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          Brian McEwen

          You could reconsider the default values.  Or the all configs.


          Trying putting at least a note on your blank tab. I have some tabs that are controlled by group - the 1st tab has a blank label (visible by default) the other tabs are labelled with Group names.  If a user can see any of the group tabs then they can only see one, can't see the blank one, can't see the other group tabs.  On the one with a blank label I just have a note, and seems to work fine. 


          Also consider Control Logic on certain fields.  But neither Control Logic nor Tabs works quite the way I would like.

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            Ben Zander

            Ok, so.... I figured everything out as follows:


            Issue #1:  Inserting blank tab before other tabs causes blank tab to overwrite next tab in sequence....


            Not sure why, maybe it's a bug, or maybe it's just the way it needs to be done, but I deleted all tabs and started from scratch inserting the blank tab in front, then re-creating the tabs I had previously and it worked perfectly.


            Issue #2:  Variables carrying across and overwriting info on other tabs....


            I guess this was partially just my stupidity, and partially that I was trying to have the tabs function in a manner in which they weren't designed to.  Basically I had 2 different values as the default text for the same variable on controls on different tabs.  This is why it was choosing one and overwriting them on the other tabs when I was entering info. 


            I was actually wanting/hoping that I could have the information entered on whichever tab was chosen to exist, and to ignore the other tabs as if they weren't there or didn't exist...it doesn't work that way.


            The fix, was to assign new variables for similar information on different tabs, then update the drawing title block's $PRP statements to use the new values.  This only works because we have different drawing title blocks for the different types of projects we are doing which match the names of the tabs. 



            ***For extra knowledge*** I also found that any information that you have as a default value will show in both the @(or custom properties) and the Default configuration specific properties tabs in the part/assembly file's custom properties.