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Tabbed File Card - Controlled by variable problem

Question asked by Ben Zander on May 6, 2014
Latest reply on May 7, 2014 by Ben Zander

I have a data card for solidworks files that I'm trying to force users to pick from a drop down box to choose a type of project, then have tabs with names the same as these project types with different control fields to fill in under that.  These different controls are all just different custom properties to be associated with the parts/assemblies, which can then be inserted into the drawing later, but are different depending on the type of project.  I created 3 tabs with the information I wanted, but then realized that if you have any default information that is checked to update all configurations, it will carry across to any other tab on the data card and overwrite the information on it.  This is when I decided I would just put a blank tab to start off which would seemingly force the user to select a type of project from the drop down.  However, whenever I add a blank tab, it then makes the entire first tab that SHOULD have information blank as well.


Any Ideas?