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    Report for External File References

    Brian McEwen

      Does anyone have a Report for EPDM that will identify SolidWorks files with external (outside the vault) references? 


      Or another way to search for files with External ref... might need Content (search index) type searching for this? 


      I know Update References will help with first check-in, but for some reason it cannot identify external ref after a file was checked-in without fixing them.  I now block check-in if there are externals, but did not intially.





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          Jeff Sweeney

          The database does not track references to files outside of the vault. Thus you aren't going to get a nice SQL report. You'll have to go to the actual files and read the external references from them. (Probably via the document manager)

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              Brian McEwen

              Document Manager - that is an API thing right?  API makes my eyes go blank at this point. 


              How about if I had Indexing set up - could a Content search pick up a search for some external paths?

              (Content search like on the OOTB Complete Search card)


              Thanks! And again great tip about fixing external references. I'll add it here. 


              """"""""""""""""" Sweeney wrote:

              I've seen a demo by Tor where he checked out the assembly file, made it "dirty" via changing the data card, then when he checked the file back in, it re-read the references from the file instead of the database. [[and external references are flagged like on initial check-in]]


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                  Jeff Sweeney

                  The document manager is an API tool that you can use to read (and sometimes change) information of a file without having to completely open the file within SOLIDWORKS.


                  I've never tried it, but I am very pessimistic that the content search is going to have any value as far as reading external references of a SOLIDWORKS document.