Richard Montminy

Driver for FX3000?

Discussion created by Richard Montminy on Feb 14, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2007 by Ben Hamilton
We have some Dell Precision 360's P4 3.2GHz  with Quadro FX3000's, 1gig ram, XP Pro SP2.  Since upgrading to 2007, whenopening drawings (even a simple component detail), SolidWorks justhangs and never finishes opening the file.  Windows TaskManager shows the processor at idle.
If run in 'Software open GL' checked, files open fine, indicating agraphics driver issue. I'm using the recommended driver from theSolidWorks site, (this driver has a date of7/13/ 2005).
I believe the previously installed driver from the nVidiawebsite was newer, and worked well with SW2006.  I changed tothis one due to the issues described above but have seen nochange.

Anyone using a different/newer driver for this card withoutissues?