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Can't change state - Error "Could not perform transition..." "Could not access the item in the database"

Question asked by Bruce Buck on May 5, 2014

Performed a rollback on some files in EPDM. Only went back one version. Went from a Released state, to In-Work. Rolled back to its Released state. All the files can be transitioned to another state except the top-level assembly. I get this message when I try to transition from EPDM:

5-2-2014 2-40-30 PM.jpg


When attempting to do it from inside SolidWorks:

5-5-2014 9-27-05 AM.jpg


I've tried checking out the assembly, saving it, and checking it back in (to create a new version), but still cannot transition the state. Any ideas on the problem, or a workaround?


5-5-2014 10-09-43 AM.jpg