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Modeling a Ring with 3 Dimensional Curves

Question asked by Lucas Prokopiak on May 4, 2014
Latest reply on May 4, 2014 by Lucas Prokopiak

Hey all,


Long time listener, first time caller here.


I'm hoping to make a ring that looks somewhat like the attached hand-drawn-sketch in SolidWorks to 3D print, then use it for a mold for investment casting. However, I'm having issues creating the model.


As you'll see in the attached part, I've drawn the outline of what want it to roughly look like, and I was going to wrap deboss the negative space from the sketch, and then extrude cut the rest of the ring. However, it's not liking my geometry and I'm not quite sure why.


Does anyone have any suggestions on getting my sketch to deboss, or for modelling the ring in an alternative way (Is there a way to use sweeps in 3 dimensions?)?


Appreciate any suggestions and thank you for your time!