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Bending in assemble

Question asked by Bin Hu on May 4, 2014
Latest reply on May 4, 2014 by Rich Chappell

Hi guys,


Just started to use solidworks, I'm confusing some features about it.


I've made a straight bar and inserted 16 bars into the assemble. Then the bars are mated together (see first attached image). They are flat. They can move like sissors in the plane.


Now, I want to bend them into circular shape. I have done something like that (see the other attached image). But I mate the 16 bars in assemble first, and save it as the part format, and then use the flex feature to bend it. But the model can't be expandable and foldable, it is completely fixed. Ideally, I want to the model can expand and unexpand (compact). What I am tring to make is like medical stent. It can be deployable, the length and diameter can be changed.


Can anyone help me, please?


Thank you for your time.