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Sweep Cut groove pattern Fail

Question asked by Tracy Lau on May 2, 2014
Latest reply on May 6, 2014 by Tracy Lau

Hi all,


I've been attempting to create a groove pattern over an organic shape with sweep cut. Two problems:

1. I can sweep the first two grooves, but if I try to sweep it across the whole shape by adding more grooves to my profile and using more guides, it fails or doesn't create the pattern I want.

2. I've tried to use circular pattern to pattern the arcs (grooves) across my shape and get them to pierce my guides. How would I go about doing this, as in is their a flexible feature that would allow me to leave the radius and number of arcs flexible, so that I can get the arcs to pierce my guides? I've only been able to create the arcs and relations manually without using the pattern.




Is there an easier method for making the grooves that I'm not aware of?

For the part I attached, I only made the front and middle groove profiles as proof of concept, even though I want them to run across the whole part.

Any insights are appreciated!


Thank you,