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Which attribute should be assigned to a pin that can be used to display signal type?

Question asked by Phil Johnston on May 1, 2014
Latest reply on May 1, 2014 by Phil Johnston

So I have a 66 POS connector that I've created. It will be used for 16 ethernet twisted pairs. I need to label (and display in the actual schematic) the signal at each pin. For example, pin one needs Tx16+ displayed, and pin 2 needs Tx16- displayed. I assigned the mnemonic attribute to each pin, thinking I could right click on the symbol, click edit attributes, and assign the value Tx16+ to mnemonic 1 (for pin one).


It lets me edit the "Value" field for mnemonic 1 to display Tx16+...but when I hit OK and look on my schematic, TX16+ is not displayed. I've tried updating the symbol, and that doesn't help. What's worse, is that I go back to edit attributes again and that field I edited for "Value" to Tx16+ is now blank again! What am I doing wrong?