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Bend Lines do not show in drawing view

Question asked by Brian Brown on May 1, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2015 by Edwin Thein

Did some searching and found some similiar issues with bend lines not showing in a drawing view. However, I have tried all the suggestions.

  • Selecting view sketches
  • Selcting the flat pattern in the tree for the given view, highlighting bend lines, then show
  • Bend lines are selected to show


My issue still persist. The bend lines do show up when I first create the flat pattern, but when I close down SW and reopen the drawing, the bend lines are gone. When this happens I go to the tree, click on flat pattern, and try and select show bend lines because it's grayed out. It will not allow me to show the bend lines. I then have to click the view, open the part, unflatten it, then flatten it again.


I think the problem is somehow related to the sheet metal part configs. Sometimes when I open the flat pattern from the view, it's flat and all the other sheet metal parts are shown along with the part flat pattern. When you flatten the part, it's supposed to hide all the other parts and create a config for that flat pattern. It does this at first, but as I said before when I close down and reopen the drawing the flat pattern bend lines are gone. Once again I open the flat pattern, from the view, and the piece is flat and all the other sheet metal parts are shown again. The attache image shows what happens when I create a flat pattern and then open the flat pattern from the view.


Anyone have this issue?