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    Importing Dxf problem

    jonny vassdal
      I`m trying to import a dxf from jetcam. I`m trying to make a 3dpart from a 2d dxf that we use for machining the part.

      But when i import the dxf into a part sketch i get alotof open counturs.

      How do you make the sketch a closed countur so i can make a sheetpart from it?
      Corner trimming is a bad idea as the sketch contains many shapes,and it will take forever. Probably be quicker to redraw thepart.

      I`ve tried setting merge point on import to 0.1 mm without anyluck.

      There must be an easy way.

        • Importing Dxf problem
          John Burrill
          You want to post an example of a DXF file you've tried importing and we see what happens?
          • Importing Dxf problem
            Charles Culp
            From my experience, the best thing to do is to create anothersketch on the same plane as the imported dxf, and then (withsnapping on), trace over the old sketch.  With a littlepractice, I found that I can do that as quickly as anything.

            It feels like it takes forever for complex parts, but in the end Ifind it is actually quicker than "fiddling" with othermethods.
              • Importing Dxf problem
                John H
                I agree, if the sketch is not too complicated, probably just as easy to recreated the sketch manully. If you are truly lazy (as am I), you could use ACAD and a Lisp rountine Autojoin to join all the open segments within a specifed distance. If you dont have ACAD the SW drawing editor will run lisp routines. You might search the API help for a macro that will do just what your asking.