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Trying to export a sketch from SW14 as a .DXF, want to name layers.

Question asked by Aaron Campbell on May 1, 2014
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     I have a CNC gasket cutting machine that reads .DXF files. In these two dimensional .DXF files, it accepts three different kinds of layers: CONTOUR (for outside cuts) HOLES (for inside cuts) and PUNCH (self explanitory). These drawings have traditionally been done in Autocad by those before me, but I am much more capable in SW. So far, I have been drawing a sketch in SW, naming the sketches accordingly. When I save as a .DXF, I have to then bring them into another program (Bobcad) to name the layers. Is there a way that I can avoid the second step, and have my sketches named as layers in the .DXF when I save from SW?gasketdxf.png