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Motion Analysis Error - Simulation not Converging/Animating

Question asked by Joshua Okrent on Apr 30, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2014 by Jared Conway

I'm trying to animate part of a subassembly in my top level assembly using a path mate/path motor combo. However, whenever I try to create the animation I get the error:



>The Initial Conditions displacement solution failed.  ADAMS/Solver could

not determine the initial assembled position configuration of the model

>1)Try increasing the number of iterations for convergence.  Current value: 25.

>2)If redundant constraints are present try to eliminate as many as possible.

>3)Make sure prescribed motions are consistent with other aspects of the

  current model position.

>4)Check to see if joints are inconsistent (contradictory); eliminate them if so.

>5)Check to see if parts are not too distant from an assembled configuration.


I have no idea how to fix this error. I've tried increasing the number of iterations needed to no avail. In the model view, I can move everything to the desired position; none of the moving parts are fixed in place. All of the assemblies are flexible.



The odd thing is, when I open the subassembly which holds the moving parts and add the same path motors, Solidworks/Motion Analysis will create the correct animation.