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    Small Triad

    Kevin Pymm



      Does anyone have any idea why my Triad has gone small? It's still active, if I roll over it I can move parts in the X, Y, Z axis or rotate about X, Y, Z but it's difficult to see which one you are on & extremely difficult to pick the one you want.


      This is what I get if I right click a part & select move with Triad:


      TRIAD 1.JPG



      This is what I get in an exploded view when I select a part to explode:


      TRIAD 2.JPG


      No matter what zoom level the Triad stays the same size on screen.....very small.


      I've looked through the settings & couldn't see anything to change it.



      This issue seems to only happen on some assemblies. If I open a sub assembly from the one giving issues & try to move a part with Triad, everything looks normal as below.


      TRIAD 3.JPG

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          Paul Marsman

          You could try running with the Rx option to use default settings and see if it is registry related

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            Daniel Sorensen

            Have you figured it out? I'm having the same issue and it is driving me mad!

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                Kevin Pymm



                I am not having this issue anymore but can't for the life of me remember what sorted it. I don't think it was a setting I found, may have been a SolidWorks update that cured it (I'm now on 2014 SP4) or maybe a registry reset as I had to do that for another issue I had.


                You could try resetting your registry to see if it sorts it. Make sure you use the Copy Settings Wizard first to be able to restore all your settings if it works.....hopefuly it won't return the issue.

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                Mark Biasotti

                Hi Kevin,


                Are you in perspective or Camera view?  I've found that the Triad (as well as dimensions) do not behave nicely unless your are in an orthogonal (non-perspective) orientation. I think that this has to do with the SW screengraph which does not respect these widgets when perspective is turned on. Has been a problem for a long time.