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Space Frame from 3D skech - Help

Question asked by Ben Matthews on May 1, 2014
Latest reply on May 1, 2014 by Bradley Vukich



Is there a method I can use to apply a tube profile to an entire, complex 3D sketch, so that the profile can be altered easily for optimization.


I've been trying to develop an accurate model of a large circular tube frame (dia 2m), that was designed for holding a number of components around its arc. I'm having trouble optimising it due to the time it takes to alter the frame (essentially to rebuild frame).


Initially I created a 3D sketch for a quarter of the 2 main hoops and swept a standard iso tube profile along it.


I then used individual 3D sketch lines to connect the nodes for the other truss elements.
I then created perpendicular planes along these lines, and extruded a standard tube profile "upto next" to join these to the hoops.

The result is attached.




Is there a way I can create the entire frame as a wire frame and apply a profile to the sketch.



Any help would be greatly appreciated