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Simulating Roll stiffness leaf spring

Question asked by Tim Van Lunteren on Apr 30, 2014
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First let me introduce myself. I'm Tim and I am graduating for automotive engineer in Holland.


For my thesis I need to simulate different worst case scenario's for transverse leaf springs.

Almost everything is doing great in solidworks 2013 simulation, but I encounter a problem when simulating roll stiffness.

I want to know what different end and centre sections of the leaf spring will influence the stiffnesses.

The leaf spring is 1200mm long.

So in the real world the transverse leaf spring will be clamped in rubbers at 1/3th and 2/3th of the length.

On the left end of the leaf spring acts 3500 N upwards in the vertical direction, and on the right side 3500 N downwards.

So, the leaf spring should form like an 'S' shape. But, it doesn't do it. It can calculate, but the solution does not make sense at all...

I've been trying without fixtures (so only an equilibrium), and i've been trying with spring fixtures.

Both give the same stupid answer.


I don't know how to proceed from here to get the right simulation.


Can someone help me or send me into the right direction?


See the Attachment (warning, it is an educational version!!)


With kind regards,