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    Create mid-surface in context of an assembly

    Ali Rashidikamjani

      Hello everyone


      I'm trying to use the code provided by SolidWorks to create midsurfaces in context of assemblies. The code can be found in the link below:




      The code seems to be working fine until you do the following:


      1) Open an assembly

      2) Run the Macro

      3) Save the Assembly

      4) Close the Assembly

      5) Re-Open the assembly


      Upon re-opening the assembly the midsurface feature disappears. The only way to bring it back is to open the component in its window, Ctrl+Q to rebuild, save, and close. This seems to be working up until you save, close, and re-open the assembly again. The midsuarface disappears.


      I've raised a support call with the API team however had no response yet. I though someone else might be able to spot the issue or come up with a robust solution.