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Solidworks and references - Why so instable?

Question asked by Mikael Martinsson on Apr 30, 2014

Hello forum.

So now it has happend again. Solidworks has lost references between two parts and 80% of the features are showing red and yellow markings.

It is a bit frustrating to have to redo and update all references down the feature tree and the question is why this occurs?


I mainly do die casting tools and fixuters based on customer imported parts (dead solids).

All imported parts are converted to Solidworks parts and stored in the same folder as the added part so there are no risk of updates or changes on the importe file.


I drive all assembly (dim, holepositions, with special skeleton parts so I avoid unnecessary relations to the imported part.

I also always replaces the "in place" mate on my new tool parts with "origin to origin with align axes" since it isn't possible to repair the "in place" if this looses reference.

Finally, I connect sketches to points, edges on the imported part (sometimes also convert entities, but then you have a very big problem when references are lost)


When the design is done, all files are saved and closed after a final rebuild push on rebuild. Still everything is fine.

5 minutes later, with no changes done to any file in the folder, you open your assembly and voila, SW forgot the references.


Why do this occur? Do you have any tips and tricks to avoid this problem?