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    Exalead OnePart?

    Steve Martens

      Hey Team,


      I see in the Downloads section of the SolidWorks Customer Portal a product called Exalead OnePart, sure looks cool, anyone playing with it?  maybe even bought it yet?




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          Michael Dekoning

          Seen it. Haven't pulled the trigger (yet). You should look at the SolidWorks World 2014 presentation on it.

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            Joy Garon

            Hi Steve -  I'm actually using it internally - pretty nice. I have it setup to index a couple of folder locations as well as my EPDM vault. I found all kinds of duplicates that I was able to clean up :-)  I wanted this product when I was working as a customer. It could have really helped with design re-use and de-duping standard libraries.  It will become more valuable as more connectors are added (think electrical and ERP/MRP systems).  There are some videos on you tube that can give you more info as well as the DS website.  Regards, Joy

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              Satheesh Kumar Ganeshan

              Hey Steve,

              I started using Exalead one part before a month. It was really an awesome source to resue design data  and eliminate the creation of same design parts repetitively.

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                Arie Van Gelderen

                Hi Steve,


                We've been using it for 2 years now. Exalead Onepart is a great tool for searching parts based on geometry (instead of metadata). It has a few drawbacks though:


                1. It should be more intelligent in finding similar parts. Usually when parts are the same size, Exalead asumes that they are similar. The shape of a part seems to be of less importance. It is, for example, very hard to find different lengths of the same extrusion profile.

                2. Some features, like the hole count, don't allways work correctly for Solidworks parts.

                3. It cannot search geometry in other configurations than than the active configuration of a part.

                4. It's quite expensive

                5. It uses a lot of resources


                It feels a little bit like it's not quite finished yet. I hope it will improve in future versions.