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Solidworks Task Add-in

Question asked by Peter Lane on Apr 29, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2014 by Peter Lane

We are setting our vault & workflows to automatically create PDF's, DXF's and Igs files automatically during certain transitions, using the Task Add-in.


We are using the following nomenclature:  Filename_Revision_State              example: 12345_B_Quote


I am having problems with the Task Add-in always inserting the revision.  Some times it is in as shown in the example above, sometimes the Task Add-in omits it (12345__Quote).


Why is this happening??  It happens for all PDF's, DXF's and Igs files, somewhat randomly, never consistent.


Is the Task Add-in corrupt? It creates the files okay, just does not create the filename correctly.


I pass the revision variable throught to the PDF's, DXF's and Igs files, they are correct on the output side in the data card.


Source File Name and Source File Workflow State are always correct.


The Task Add-in is 2014020714.




Thanks in advance for your help.