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2007 Admin Image HTML & INI files - What the Documentation is Missing:

Question asked by Tom Helsley on Feb 13, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2007 by George Reilly
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When you create an admin image, at the end of the process, theAdmin Director will do a simulated install to help you create anHTML & INI file to deploy the same settings to severalworkstations, and can handle the distribution of serial numbers andthen automatically activate each one. The help files and Admindocumentation are missing a lot of information in this area. Thisis my attempt to capture and share what I have learned of thatwhich is not already described in the help files and Admindocumentation:

To create an HTML & INI file, you need to first run the admindirector from the DVD or CD's. If you have already created an adminimage, YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN! Simply point to your existingadmin image when prompted, and run through the simulation tocapture the settings for one license type. This will create twofiles in your admin image folder "StartSWInstall.htm" and"SolidWorks_2007_SP0x.x_client_options.ini" or somethingsimilar to that. If you have multiple standalone and networklicenses, then you can configure the INI file to handle alllicenses based on the computer name (ID). BEWARE: If one license isfor Office and another license is for Office Pro, then you may needto create two different sets of HTML & INI files. Here ishow:

(To create two HTML & INI file combinations, you need tofirst run the admin director, pointing to your existing adminimage, and run through the simulation to capture the settings forone license type.  Then rename the two files so they don't getoverwritten.  Then, you need to edit the HTML file with atext editor and change the name of the reference to the INI fileyou just renamed.  Now, you can run the Admin director againand configure for the other license type.)

In the INI files, if the computer name and serial number is notspecified under the [Additional Security Section], thenthe license entered under the [Security Section] is yourdefault license.   This is great if you have both SNL licensesand standalone licenses. CAUTION: If you are using both SNL andstandalone licenses, make sure the INI file has a section named[SNL Section] and the SERVERLIST= port@server information Thedefault license can be In the [Additional Security Section] of theINI file, you need to add the computer ID's & serial numbers inthe format specified.

If, during each of the simulations, you selected automaticactivation, then you need to create a text file.  To do this,you have to install one seat of SolidWorks, activate the licensevia email and save the file with the name:"AnswerFile.txt" to the"AutomatedActivation" folder.  Any othername or location will not work.  The Automatic Activationfolder will be in your admin image folder.  You can verifyautomatic activation is setup and the location of the folder bychecking your INI file.


I don't know how the additional applications (Explorer, eDrawings,and DWGEdtitor) will be licensed if installed from the same batchfile if automatically run during the end of the HTM &INI install method for both SNL and standalone licenses. Ifanyone has dealt with this please share your experience.